Dr. Robert Bruce Banner (possible options Banner and Banner) (eng. Robert Bruce Banner) is a recognized scientist in the field of biochemistry, nuclear physics and gamma radiation. Bruce was trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, which was injected into Steve Rogers during World War II and made him the superhero Captain America. But the experience ended in failure, instead of the vita rays that Steve Rogers was exposed to, Banner used gamma rays, and as a result he ended up in the state of a huge creature with superhuman strength and green indestructible skin, known as the Hulk (eng. Hulk).

Fearing the damage the Hulk could cause, Banner chose to lead a cautious lifestyle in remote parts of the world, working as a doctor to help sick people while avoiding those who could take advantage of his ability to transform into a huge green menace.

When a global threat required Banner’s scientific intervention, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury hired him, knowing that the incredible strength of Banner’s alter ego would be an added asset to the Avengers. After the Avengers split, he became close friends with Tony Stark and was also given the freedom to live in peace without fear of being hunted.

After the Rise of HYDRA, the Avengers reassembled to take on the organization. In order to keep the Earth safe and no longer need the Avengers, Banner helped Stark create Ultron, an artificial intelligence. The creation quickly rebelled against the creators, trying to cause the extinction of mankind. The Hulk helped in the fight against Ultron and decided to disappear from the radar after the team defeated him. After the Hulk flies away from Earth and accidentally ends up on Sakaar.

On Sakaar, the Hulk becomes one of the Grandmaster’s gladiators and is revered as a beloved champion. When Thor arrived on Sakaar, the Hulk began to fight against his counterpart in the arena. After the battle, the Hulk helps the Avengers escape the planet. The Hulk arrives in Asgard to destroy Hela. Ragnarok destroyed Asgard, Hulk joins the rescued Asgardians, under the rule of a new king, Thor tells them to fly to Earth.

On their way, the ship Sanctuary II met, which knocked out the Statesman. The Black Order killed many Asgardians. The Hulk attacked Thanos, who was able to defeat the Hulk, Heimdall sent him to Earth and he ended up in the Sanctum Sanctorum. He explains to Tony Stark, Doctor Strange and Wong about Thanos, but then the Black Order arrives and he runs away, as he cannot turn into the Hulk. He later meets with the Avengers again and travels to Wakanda and takes part in the Battle of Wakanda wearing the Hulkbuster Armor. When Thanos collected all the stones of infinity, he snapped his fingers and half the universe perished. Bruce Banner is one of those who didn’t die.

Five years after the Snap, Banner decides to merge with the Hulk to become one with him, becoming a unique species to Earth. Bruce Banner and the Avengers then find a way to fix the decimation. Banner travels to an alternate year of 2012 to retrieve the Time Stone. He comes to the Sanctum Sanctorum to the Ancient One and asks her to give the stone, at first she did not want to give it away, but still decided on it. When the Avengers return, Banner puts on a nano-gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones and snaps his fingers, resurrecting half of the dead universe. The Hulk then joins the massive battle against Thanos and his army. When Tony Stark sacrifices himself, Banner attends his funeral and sends Captain America back in time.

Returning to form as Banner, Bruce contacted Wong and Carol Danvers to discuss ten rings, where Banner met Shang-Chi and Cathy Chen. However, their meeting went quickly as Danvers passed out immediately and Banner wished Shang-Chi and Chen good luck with their “new job.”